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Reagecon: Atomic Absorption, Flame Photometry And Ion Selective Electrode Standards

Reagecon: Atomic Absorption, Flame Photometry And Ion Selective Electrode Standards

1 Jul 2020

Reageconis a world leader in the development, manufacture, testing and stablising of chemical and physical standards and reagents.

Cymit Quimica has always relied on the high-quality of Reageconproducts to provide our customers.

As we said in our previous newsletter, there would be two parts to present you the Reagecon inorganic standards. This is the second part, where we talk about Reagecon Atomic Absorption Standards, Flame Photometry Standards and Ion Selective Electrode Standards and Ionic Strength Adjustors:

Atomic Absorption Standards

  • There are two types of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry: the Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FAAS) and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GFAAS).

  • Standards available as Single Element or Multi-Element.

  • Each standard is accompanied by the certificate of gravimetric preparation. You can see here an exampleof a Chromium Standard 1000ppm.

Flame Photometry Standards

  • These standards are divided in industrial, clinicaland Multi-element Standards

  • Manufactured and Tested in a GLP environment.

  • Products are non-hazardous, non-toxic and there is available the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for all of them. You can see herean example of certificate of gravimetric preparation for a Sodium 120mmol/L and Potassium 2mmol/L standard and a Potassium 1000mg/L Standard here

  • These standards may be used for Instrument Calibration, Control and Qualification of the flame photometer and Assistance in method validation of a particular flame photometry technique.

Ion Selective Electrode Standards (ISE)

  • These standards allow the calibration of the ion selective electrodes, to measure quantitatively cations, anions and some dissolved gases. There is a wide range of elements and different concentrations. Click here to see a certificateof gravimetric preparation of this product: ISEF5 - ISE Standard Fluoride 1000mg/L

  • The Ionic Strength Adjustors (ISA)are used along with these standards resulting in several benefits to the sample being measured. One of these benefits is to suppress or eliminate interfering ions. We show you here an analysis certificate of the ISA solution TISAF5-Fluoride TISAB 3

  • Reagecon manufacturing capabilities are aligned with a complete set of chemicals required for operation of Process Analysers, which include ISE Standards. You can see heremore information.

  • They can be used for Calibration, Instrument Qualifications, Control and Method Validation.

You may ask us directly for more information about the Reagecon products or check in our websitefor product details.

Cymitquimica work actively with the contribution to the scientific and industrial development of our clients, to meet the needs of Fine Chemicals and Biochemicals for research, development and quality control.

Thank you!

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