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Cymitquimica.Com Reaches A Collaboration Agreement With TLC

Cymitquimica.Com Reaches A Collaboration Agreement With TLC

Cymitquimica has recently reached a cooperation agreement to offer our clients TLC Pharmaceutical Standards Ltd. products. TLC Pharmaceutical Standards Ltd is a company specialising in the synthesis of reference standards for pharmaceutical industries and the manufacture of organic compounds at request.

It‘s modern facilities are located in Nanjing (China) and Ontario (Canadá) and it has been on the international market for 15 years. The manufacturing and analysis procedures meet international standards resulting in high quality products.

The TLC product range mainly encompasses:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
: Includes compounds that are the main cause of some drugs reactivity. These products can be used as chemical reference materials, and they are comparable to pharmacopoeia reference standards.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Impurities (API Impurities)
: API molecules with modified structure.

Deuterated products
: Contains compounds which have deuterium on certain atoms, facilitating its analysis and characterization.

Amino Acids and Derivatives
: Amino acids, amino acid derivatives, peptides, etc.

There is also the possibility to request custom synthesis for some products.

Each compound data contains an Analysis Certificate including HPLC, MS, NMR, IR, water content and Assay (%). It also includes the spectra with the results in each case.

TLC products are available on our website. We hope you take advantage of this cooperation agreement and use TLC products.

Thank you!

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