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Do you know TCI’s product offering?

Do you know TCI’s product offering?

In today's newsletter we would like to talk about TCI. TCI is a company that was founded in Japan in 1946 and now has offices in the USA, Europe and China. It offers more than 30,000 high quality reagents covering the needs of organic chemistry and life science laboratories as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. TCI's catalogue can be classified into 4 main product families:

  • General chemistry:compounds and reagents for organic chemistry For example, reagents with polymeric support, for oxidations and reductions, homogeneous metal catalysts, etc.

  • Life science:antibodies, glycoscience, molecular biology, molecules, and reagents for the pharmaceutical industry, etc. For laboratory research, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

  • Material science:nano-carbon materials, electronic materials, materials with optical function and magnetic materials, among others prepared for material science laboratories.

  • Analytical chemistry:analytical reagents and standards as well as materials and consumables for HPL, NMR, GC, electrophoresis, etc. of the highest quality and precision.

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