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Reagecon 15,000 S/cm Conductivity Standard at 25C
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Reagecon 15,000 S/cm Conductivity Standard at 25C

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Reagecon 15,000 S/cm Conductivity Standard at 25C

Reagecon's Conductivity Standard at 25C is tested and certified by an ISO17025 Accredited Test Method (INAB Ref: 264T) and NIST traceable. The product is aqueous based, non-hazardous and accurate to a specification of 1%. The product because it is aqueous based, has a low temperature coefficient of variation and guaranteed stability throughout its entire shelf life, even after opening the bottle.
- NIST traceable
- This conductivity standard is aqueous based, thereby eliminating any errors attributable to matrix mismatch. Each bottle is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis and has a table of conductivity variation with temperature printed on the product label. The low temperature coefficient of variation, reduces measurement errors and enables non-temperature controlled use and is suitable for field work
- High accuracy 1% at 25C, enables the standards to be used as calibrators and/or controls, in accordance with the most exacting industrial requirements
- Guaranteed stability throughout entire shelf life, even after opening the bottle, eliminates the need to open a fresh bottle of standard every time it is used

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