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malondialdehyde tetrabutylammonium salt
malondialdehyde tetrabutylammonium salt

CAS: 100683-54-3 - malondialdehyde tetrabutylammonium salt

Description:C19H39NO2- InChI=1/C16H36N.C3H4O2/c1-5-9-13-17(14-10-6-2,15-11-7-3)16-12-8-4;4-2-1-3-5/h5-16H2,1-4H3;1-4H/q+1;/p-1/b;2-1+

  • Synonyms:
  • Malonaldehyde Tetrabutylammonium Salt
  • Tetrabutylammonium Malondialdehyde Enolate
  • (E)-3-oxoprop-1-en-1-olate
  • Tetrabutylammonium

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N,N,N-Tributyl-1-butanaminium Salt with (E)-3-Hydroxy-2-propenal

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