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Cerium(III)-2,4-pentanedionate hydrate
Cerium(III)-2,4-pentanedionate hydrate

CAS: 15653-01-7 - Cerium(III)-2,4-pentanedionate hydrate

Description:C15H21CeO6- InChI=1/3C5H8O2.Ce/c3*1-4(6)3-5(2)7;/h3*3,6H,1-2H3;/q;;;+3/p-3/b3*4-3-;

  • Synonyms:
  • Cerium(III) acetylacetonate hydrate
  • Acetylacetone, Cerium(Iii) Derivative
  • Cerium(Iii) 2,4-Pentanedionate
  • Cerium Acetyl Acetonate
  • tris(pentane-2,4-dionato-O,O')cerium
  • Cerium(III)acetylacetonatehydrate(99.9%-Ce)(REO)
  • Tris-(2,4-pentanedionato)-cerium
  • Cerium Acetylacetonate Hydrate
  • cerium(3+) tris[(2Z)-4-oxopent-2-en-2-olate]
  • (3Z)-4-hydroxypent-3-en-2-one-cerium (3:1) hydrate
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