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Precision and sensitivity: exploring the different ELISA Kits

Precision and sensitivity: exploring the different ELISA Kits

29 Nov 2023

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a technique widely used in scientific research to detect and quantify the presence of specific molecules, such as proteins, in biological samples.

There are various types of ELISA Kits, each one selected based on the detection objective and the required sensitivity. Some of the more common ones are:

Direct ELISA: antigen immobilized in the well and detected using a single conjugated antibody (linked to the enzyme).

  • Quick

  • Lower probability of errors, due to its simplicity

  • Higher background noise

  • Less flexibility

  • Lower sensitivity

Indirect ELISA: antigen immobilized in the well and detected using an unmarked primary antibody, subsequently detected by a conjugated secondary antibody.

  • High sensitivity

  • Greater flexibility

  • Signal amplification

  • Possible background noise due to cross-reactivity

  • Longer process

Sandwich ELISA: well coated with primary antibody (capture antibody). The antigen binds and is then detected by a second antibody (detection antibody).

  • High sensitivity

  • Flexibility

  • High specificity

  • Possible background noise due to cross-reactivity

Competitive ELISA: reference antigen immobilized in the well. Addition of antigen sample of interest bound to an antibody (unmarked). The reference antigen will compete with the antigen of interest to bind to the antibody. After washing, a marked secondary antibody is added that will bind to the primary antibody anchored to the reference antigen.

  • High sensitivity, specificity, and robustness

  • Allows detection of small antigens and in low concentrations

Sandwich and Competitive ELISA Kitsare the most frequent in the biomedical industry. CymitQuimica includes in its catalog a very wide range of ELK Biotechnology brand (with more than 9000 kits), from different species (more than 3500 kits for humans, 1600 for mice, and 1500 for rats, among many others). All of them applicable in serum and plasma, and used in research areas such as biochemistry, immunology, or cancer.

CymitQuimica's extensive catalog also includes other recognized brands like Cygnus Technologies.

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