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Product families of Extrasynthese, our key partner

Product families of Extrasynthese, our key partner

10 Jun 2024

As a key partner, Extrasynthese brings over 30 years of expertise to the table, boasting a diverse portfolio of more than 1000 references. Their offerings include four distinct product families: Phytochemical Analytical Standards, Botanical Reference Materials (BRM), Quantified Reference Extracts (qRE) and Custom Manufacturing or Purification of natural products or analogs.

Extrasynthese offers a versatile range of products applicable to research across various domains, including Phytochemistry, Plant Biology, Metabolomics, Agronomy, Nutrition, Food Science, Flavors and Fragrances, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals, among others.

Highlighted product families in its catalog include:

  • Phytochemical Analytical Standards: Highly purified substances, with w/w titration, to be used as standards for quantitative determination. You can find the substance Cucurbitacin Davailable at CymitQuimica.
  • Botanical Reference Materials (BRM): Plants or plant parts samples, authenticated by macro/microscopic examination and by HPLC-MS et HPTLC profiling. The table below shows, in alphabetical order, some of the DNA-barcoded BRMs (articles B9xxx) that are currently available at CymitQuimica:
Short namePlant partBotanical nameFamily
Allium ursinumLeafAllium ursinum L.Amaryllidaceae
Bixa orellanaSeedBixa orellana L.Bixaceae
Citrus × aurantiumPericarpCitrus × aurantium L.Rutaceae
Desmodium adscendensLeafDesmodium adscendens (Sw.) DC.Fabaceae
Eucalyptus globulusLeafEucalyptus globulus LabillMyrtaceae
Frangula purshianaBarkFrangula purshiana DC.Rhamnaceae
Hamamelis virginianaLeafHamamelis virginiana L.Hamamelidaceae

Explore the entire range of Extrasynthese products on ourCymitQuimica website. For further information, you can contact oursupport team at . They are ready to provide you with exceptional personalized assistance.

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