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STREM's Heterogeneous Catalysts and Their Main Advantages

STREM's Heterogeneous Catalysts and Their Main Advantages

14 Jun 2024

Catalysts play a crucial role in chemistry. A catalystcan be used to speed up the rate of a reaction by lowering the activation energy, thus providing an alternative route for the process to occur, known as catalysis. Furthermore, they can influence the selectivity of chemical reactions. This control over reactions is essential for a wide range of industrial and research applications.

The importanceof catalysis in the chemical industryis evident, as many organic intermediates needed for the production of plastics, synthetic fibres, pharmaceuticals, dyes, resins, and pigments can only be obtained through catalytic processes.

There are two main types of catalysts: homogeneousand heterogeneous. While homogeneous catalysts share the same phase as the reactants and products, generally in a liquid state, heterogeneous catalysts are in a different phase, typically solids, and the reactions occur on the surface of the catalyst.

Heterogeneous catalysisis the most important form of catalysis, being fundamental in numerous industrial processes such as the Haber-Bosch processfor the synthesis of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen, where solid iron catalysts are used. In the absence of a catalyst, the reaction would take place at higher temperatures, resulting in higher costs and lower yield.

Although iron catalysts are commonly used in ammonia production, recent developments have introduced a variety of options, such as catalysts based on ruthenium, electrides, cobalt, and metal nitrides. This development of new catalysts promises sustainable productionof ammonia in the future.

The main advantageof heterogeneous catalysts is the ease with which they can be separatedfrom reactants and products, facilitating continuous chemical processes. These catalysts can often be used multiple times (“reused”) without significant loss of activity. Additionally, heterogeneous catalysts tend to be more stable under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and pressures, compared to homogeneous catalysts.

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