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1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether
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1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether

CAS: 41775-76-2

Ref. 3D-FA62065

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Product Information

1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether
  • 1,4,7-Trioxa-10-azacyclododecane
  • 1,4,7-Trioxa-10-Azoniacyclododecane
  • 1-Aza-12-crown-4
  • 1-Aza-4,7,10-trioxacyclododecane
  • 10-Aza-12-crown-4
  • 12-Crown-O<sub>3</sub>N
  • Aza-12-crown-4
  • Monoaza-12-crown-4

1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether is a methanol solvent that has been used for the study of membrane-bound enzymes. 1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether binds to cavities in the enzyme and forms hydrogen bonds with the functional groups on the enzyme. In addition, it can bind to metal ions such as copper, zinc, and iron. The binding constants are determined by measuring the affinity between 1-Aza-12-crown 4-Ether and various metal ions. 1-Aza-12-crown 4 Ether also has been shown to have a redox potential of -0.8 volts, which is close to that of hydrogen peroxide (-0.9 volts). This property may explain its ability to act as an antioxidant in animals and humans. 1Aza 12 crown ether is also able to inhibit some membrane phospholipid enzymes due to its hydrophobic nature.

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