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Tri(ethylene glycol) monoethyl ether
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Tri(ethylene glycol) monoethyl ether

CAS: 112-50-5

Ref. 3D-FT179965

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Product Information

Tri(ethylene glycol) monoethyl ether
  • 2-(2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)Ethoxyethanol
  • 2-(2-(2-Ethoxyexthoxy)Ethoxy)Ethanol
  • 2-(2-(2-Etoxietoxi)Etoxi)Etanol
  • 2-[2-(2-Ethoxyethoxy)Ethoxy]Ethanol
  • 3,6,9-Trioxaundecan-1-Ol
  • Dowanol TE
  • Ethanol, 2-[2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethoxy]-
  • Ethoxytriethylene glycol
  • Ethoxytriglycol
  • Ethoxytriglykol
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  • Ethyltriglycol
  • Etossitriglicole
  • Etoxitriglicol
  • Éther monoéthylique du triéthylène glycol
  • Monoethyl Triethyleneglycol Ether
  • Poly-solve TE
  • Triaethylenglykol-Monoaethylaether
  • Triethyleneglycol Monoethyl Ether
  • Triethylenglycolmonoethylether
  • Triethylenglykol-monoethylether
  • Trietilene glicole monoetil etere
  • Trietilenglicol monoetil éter
  • Triglycol monoethyl ether
  • Undecan-1-Ol, 3,6,9-Trioxa-
  • エトキシトリグリコール
  • トリエチレングリコールモノエチルエーテル

Triethylene glycol monoethyl ether is a glycol ether that has been used in tissue culture to maintain and control the pH of the medium. Triethylene glycol monoethyl ether has demonstrated good water permeability, which is advantageous for cell culture. This compound also shows cross-linking properties, making it a good candidate for use as a biocompatible polymer. The hydroxyl group on this molecule can be used for cross-linking reactions with polycarboxylic acids, such as polyacrylic acid or polymaleic acid. Triethylene glycol monoethyl ether is soluble in organic solvents and has been shown to have an affinity for fatty acids, allowing it to be used as a solvent in chinese herb extraction processes. This product also has viscosity-modifying properties and may be used as a viscosity enhancer in personal care products formulated with dimethylfumarate (DMF).

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Chemical properties

Molecular weight:
178.23 g/mol
Melting point:
Boiling point:
Flash point:
HS code:

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