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Do you know TargetMol compound libraries?

Do you know TargetMol compound libraries?

As we mentioned in the last TargetMol newsletter, compound libraries are collections of stored compounds that are used in very demandingscreens, to identify molecules of interest in an efficient way. In today's newsletter, we want to take a closer look at the different types of libraries offered by TargetMol and their utilities.

To begin, we will focus on the methods used by TargetMol to prepare these products. Classically, the HTS (high-throughput screening) method has been used, a technique that consists of testing a large number of molecules, for example by making binding examples to find out which molecules could be useful in the different compound libraries. TargetMol currently uses Virtual Screening, which reduces the cost and time of these assays. Virtual Screening is a computational technique that consists of searching through libraries of small molecules to identify which of them are most likely to bind our target molecule.

Using these two methods TargetMol is able to create compound libraries for different fields of research and industry:

  • Bioactive compounds:very useful to perform the search for new active principles, cell induction, to investigate mechanisms, identification of new pharmacological targets, etc.

  • Natural products:natural products have always been a great source of new active ingredients. These compound libraries are designed for cell induction studies and the investigation of new active ingredients from natural substances.

  • Fragment libraries:this product is characterised by the identification of very small compounds (fragments) using their binding to different parts of a biological target.

  • Tailor-made compound libraries:custom-made libraries can also be created to fit research needs.

All these compound libraries are used in different types of research and appear in several prestigious publications. Here is a short summary of important studies where they have been used:

  • Bioactive Compound Library : Xinjian Yin, Jiaxin Li, Senhua Chen, Yuping Wu, Zhigang She, Lan Liu, Yue Wang, Zhizeng Gao, An Economical High-Throughput "FP-Tag" Assay for Screening Glycosyltransferase Inhibitors**, ChemBioChem, 10.1002/cbic.202000746, 22, 8, (1391-1395), (2021).

  • GPCR Compound Library: Zhang, X., Jia, S., Chen, Z. et al. Cilia-driven cerebrospinal fluid flow directs expression of urotensin neuropeptides to straighten the vertebrate body axis. Nat Genet 50, 1666-1673 (2018).

  • Approved Drug Library, clinical compound library: Jin, Z., Du, X., Xu, Y. et al. Structure of Mpro from SARS-CoV-2 and discovery of its inhibitors.Nature 582, 289-293 (2020).

In CymitQuimica you can find a wide range of compound libraries.

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