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Do you know Extrasynthese? Our greenest partner

Do you know Extrasynthese? Our greenest partner

In this newsletter we would like to talk about Extrasynthese, one of our more than 25 partners. With more than 30 years of experience, Extrasynthese has developed a portfolio of more than 1000 references including phytochemicals, reference materials and analytical standards. CymitQuimica is a company committed to the environment and for this reason we want to highlight the importance of working with products that contribute to the development of green chemistry and phytochemistry.

For this reason we want to give visibility to the product categories in which Extrasynthese is a specialist:

  • Phytochemical analytical standards. These are high purity substances used as standards for quantification. They are produced in batches and each has a Certificate of Analysis which usually shows purity, water content, residual solvents and inorganic content. These products are identified by the letter S at the end of the reference.

  • Custom synthesised products: Extrasynthese provides a phytochemical consultancy service where, if required, they can extract the desired plant phytochemical and synthesise customised standards.

Extrasynthese products can be used for research in different areas: Phytochemistry, Plant Biology, Metabolomics, Agronomy, Nutrition, Food, Flavours and Fragrances, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals among others.

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