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Reagecon - Conductivity Standards

Reagecon - Conductivity Standards

3 Jun 2020

Reageconis a supplier of Physical and Chemical standards offering more than 10,000 products. The Research and Development team continue to add, 1,000 part numbers to the product offering, every year.

Cymit Quimica has always relied on the high-quality of Reageconproducts to provide our customers.

We therefore take this opportunity to offer you the conductivity Standards:

  • Values from 1.3 to 500,000 µS/cm at 25ºC

  • Calibration values available for all instruments/brands (84, 147, 1413, 12880, 111800 μS/cm at 25ºC)

  • Standards manufactured in an aqueous matrix with low temperature dependence, and easy to rinse (reduced risk of error). Temperature/Conductivity dependence table printed on the label

  • ISO17025 tested and certified

  • Traceable to NIST

  • Reagecon Conductivity Standards provide the only viable means of complying with Pharmacopoeia requirements

Features & Benefits

  • The product is guaranteed stable until the expiry date, except for the value 1.3µS/cm which is for single use only. An example CoA is available here.

  • The standards aqueous matrix is identical to the sample matrix (GLP and compliance with the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia)

  • High specificity at ± 1% (± 0.05μS/cm for 1.3μS/cm)


  • Pharmaceutical sector: Standards defined by the Pharmacopoeia for the quality of water

  • Food Industry: Water quality for the manufacturing of beverages, concentrates and mixtures

  • Environment:  Drinking Water Standards defined by EU, Quality of water in rivers. Fish farms.

  • Cosmetic Sector and other industries: Control of cleaning process

You may ask us directly for more information about the Reagecon productsor check in our website for product details.

Thank you!

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