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Reagecon Melting Point (Phenacetin, Caffeine, Vanillin) Standard Set

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Product Information

Reagecon Melting Point (Phenacetin, Caffeine, Vanillin) Standard Set

Reagecon's Melting Point Standard Set is specially prepared to calibrate, control, verify or qualify Melting Point (MP) apparatus. The exceptional purity of this product is critical as MP will change with the presence of very small quantities of impurities. This product is produced in accordance with the European, US and Chinese Pharmacopeia requirements. The product can assist in identifying a compound or derivative or checking the purity or thermal stability of a known compound.
- This product is tested and certified using a reference Melting Point apparatus that is calibrated using Certified Reference Materials to give traceability to the ITS-90 Temperature Scale. Both the Meniscus Formation and Complete Liquefaction temperatures are certified.


Additional Information: Accuracy ± 0.03°C
Features: Mixed Set
Origin Country: Ireland
Packaging: Blue Glass Bottle

Chemical properties

HS code:
3822 0000

Hazard Info

UN Number:
III 6.1 E
H Statements:
Hazard Info:
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. P264 Wash thoroughly after handling. P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. P201 Obtain special instru

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